Site ain’t dead

Told yah its still a live site. I might open a new server soon.


(Just looking for who is still around)


Alshicraft is possibly coming back.

Well I feel like I am more productive now since I can host a server easily now. The new server I am making is already up and running ready to go, but it still being worked on at this point. The ip is not yet given out because of how unprepared it is. Though most of the people on this website is probably gone, so yeah. I am also getting myself a vps so then I can host a club penguin private server or so for that other pair of people. Minecraft servers are also dead to be honest, bukkit hasn’t given a build in a while and spigot has been spitting out all these new projects. I honestly don’t know anything about minecraft 1.8 that much. The maps for the servers have been done, I just got to set up permissions and all. Soon there will be servers up.

I also haven’t been posting for a while because of school and other stuff like that. Well now you guys must think that this server is dead. It is, but now reborn. I have been spending most of my free time on other things. Also with classic dead, I don’t think anything is going to be well. The server that I played on for minecraft had shutdown and I was really bored on minecraft. Anyways I am trying to get these servers up, and I VPS provider is not responding to my requests anyways cya all.


Don’t know what to do.

Well, I have been playing lots and lots of gta and I am feeling very bored playing minecraft now. Uh I have created a server which is most of the time running and stuff, though I have sports to do and school stuff so yeah.

The server I own is a private server for only 5 friends of mine, please do not ask about the server as if it is whitelisted. So yeah, I really don’t know where to go on from here.

Anyways if you want to talk to me sometime in the future please comment below, and sorry for making the website feel dead, also this website will never be dead even if I am not active and posting.

Thanks, Alsh


So after I got one of the latest emails from this website, I decided to log on and look around.

I have worked on a forums website a few weeks ago, and forgot to tell you all about it. I worked on on it throughout my free time after sports and school and other stuff, but you understand. I will be able to change the name if you wish, but I need to let you all know about this.


Anyways, here is the new “TheShaftMC” kitpvp server.

This website is the new forums website that I created, and is still in production.

I myself, has also been trying to get some staff on other servers, but I am honestly losing interest more and more throughout my career on minecraft.



Well thanks,


Raspberry Pi {Minecraft Server} Name votes:

So I have been working on getting myself a new raspberry pi coming soon. I want to make it into a Minecraft Server so then it can become a mini kitpvp server. 

Consisting of a few plugins and runs on spigot. 

I am planning to make it whitelisted, or not, and there will be a new website design just for this raspberry pi at a different link.

Here are a few names for the server I came up with, so if you want to name it something different just put “Custom Server Name: {name}”.

Here are my ideas:


Cosmo Craft 1.0

Alshicraft KitPvP 1.0

Elastic KitPvP

Anymore ideas? I’m open to be letting ya’ll decide. 

Alshicraft is done, for now

As you all see, I have officially stopped hosting. I have been stressing through hosting for so long.

I have been having an error with hamachi, it has affected my connection and I am very disappointed.

I can barely even play a game that I love due to this specific software. I literally hate it.


Therefore I really have nothing to do, but leave hosting. Luckily me and a friend still have that merged server.

So now I can move on, and not count on minecraft very much. I still make more money than I possibly can make out of server hosting.

Yet server hosting was fun, I still really enjoyed it. I got to meet some specific people through via minecraft.

These people soon became friends that I got to know very well. I made them staff because I know them well, and I know how they

would act.

I was looking forward to be starting a new minecraft career, but I guess not, that it can happen very soon. I will have to wait for the

summer until I can get all my computers back from my parents.

Till then I can start hosting again!

I can still play minecraft, I just decide not to host anymore. My hamachi server “MAF KitPvP” will be shutdown and only be used for

building purposes.

Soon it will become one of the Alshicraft servers. Then it would become online 24/7.

I was able to host up to 14+ servers 24/7. I made thousands of dollars out of them.


I have also started bitcoin/litecoin mining awhile ago. Made some extra spare money. It was so simple and so easy just to make a big

grand profit out of it.

So far I have made about $8000+ per month for mining. 

I’m looking forward to get two “rasberry pi B’s” soon for mining. I can use one of them for 24/7 hosting on 512 MB RAM.


So now to the merged server.

I know I always keep on saying a new server will be prepared, but I am trying my best.

It’s not easy to manufacture a well made server out of scratch. There is just more than turning it on and letting players join.

So here is the server that me and friend(s) are making. 

It is a toontown server with factions, and other minigames. There are some maps built by me especially, and there is an ip that I got

for them.

So I am currently at the Admin(and OP) rank, soon I will become the Developer rank which means I will have to basically to the

permissions etc.

I am currently starting up a new youtube channel, possibly for gaming.


I have started to play ‘ClassiCube’ now. If you haven’t heard it is the “reborn” version of Minecraft Classic. I usually play on a friends’

server named “LeeIzaZombie”. I am looking forward to becoming their new staff member.


For this moment I would love to point out all my statistics and specs.

What I used for my servers and owned, also what I made in money terms:

  • 2 108GB RAM computers
  • 4 GPU’s in a Gaming Computer
  • Made $4500+ out of premium servers
  • Made $150+ out of classic servers
  • 8 laptops
  • Achieved 1000+ FPS in minecraft.
  • Made $8000+ a month worth of Bitcoins
  • Made 32 servers.
  • Owns 24+ computers etc.
  • 4 Minecraft Accounts


Then that’s all for that. Now the new server.

So the dedicated IP is:

CURRENTLY whitelisted, should be open to the public soon.


Thank you for all of the donations etc. All from the staff that helped support the server and protect it.

The servers will be back soon.

Owner(s): Alshima, _Alshima_



Overall Statistics of Alshicraft

24/7 Premium and Classic servers.



Earned money: 

$2500+ – Premium

$50-100+ – Classic


I enjoyed making those servers, with very good computers. I had about 64 RAM on each, so it stayed fast. I got a new computer for hosting, so the servers should be good.


Alshicraft will be returning very soon. As for now we are a HAMACHI’ server named ‘MAF KitPvP’, AT THE MOMENT. As for that I plan for the server to be shutting down. I’m looking for about money for that server, which will be manually given. 

Networks and server IP:



Network 1 info:

Network ID: mafkitpvp1

Password: 123

Network 2 info:

Network ID: mafkitpvp2

Password: 123

Thank you. -_Alshima_ and Alshima